The Oxford College Student Health Service (SHS) healthcare providers and staff understand how important it is for both students and their families to know they have access to high quality healthcare services away from home. As an Oxford College student, you will enjoy access to a full service primary care clinic with providers that will take the time to get to know you and address all your health concerns.  With an emphasis on wellness, our nationally certified nurse practitioners will guide you through any health issues you may face as a new student. Common health concerns may include your first cold or sore throat away from home, you need a vaccine, it's time for a physical and lab work, you have a flare up of your asthma, you need refills on your depression medication, you think you need STD testing, you're ready for your first pap smear, or you just want to learn more about birth control options, just to name a few.

Whatever your needs, SHS healthcare providers will give you excellent care in a totally confidential setting.

Chances are all your health issues can be managed right here at SHS by our nurse practitioners.  Rest assured, when indicated, our medical advisor, Dr. W. Norris Little, Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician, is available for consult or an appointment as necessary. We also provide referrals to other specialists in the area when needed for dermatology, orthopedics, etc. We have an in-house dispensary with over 30 commonly prescribed medications, so you might not even need to leave campus to get your prescription filled.

For emergency services 9-1-1 should be dialed. Our local hospital emergency room at Piedmont Newton Hospital is only minutes away.

While you're enrolled at Oxford, our staff will help you manage your health to optimize your Oxford College experience. Please contact our office with any questions you may have about our services.
Telephone: 770.784.8376
Fax:  770.784.8473

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